Customized Juice Production Line by ZONESUN: Tailored Solutions for Your Packaging Needs

Customized Juice Production Line by ZONESUN: Tailored Solutions for Your Packaging Needs

ZONESUN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED specializes in packaging machinery, including filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, and more.

zonesun juice filling capping and labeling machine

Recently, a customer sent us a picture of a juice bottle and asked us to customize a filling machine that can handle juice with small amounts of pulp. After discussions with our engineers, we developed a peristaltic pump automatic filling machine that can handle pulp without damaging it. The machine uses food-grade tubing, which is easy to clean and ensures sanitary operation.


ZONESUN peristaltic pump filling machine



The customized filling machine, ZS-DTPP4E, features four peristaltic pump heads with a maximum flow rate of 4L/min. The peristaltic pump can handle juice with small amounts of pulp, and the juice only stays in the tubing, which makes cleaning easier. To change the flavor of the juice, customers can simply replace the food-grade silicone hoses, saving time on cleaning.

ZONESUN automatic capping machine

The XG-1870 capping machine features a belt guide rail that can securely hold bottle caps in place. The vibration plate treatment can protect the aluminum cap from scratches and prevent noise during operation. The ZS-TB300N labeling machine is designed to label both square and round bottles and can achieve a speed of up to 100 bottles per minute.

zonesun bottle unscrambler

In addition, our filling machine comes equipped with a bottle unscrambler and bottle collecting machine, which can automate the bottle feeding and collecting process, reducing labor costs.

At ZONESUN, we specialize in customizing machines to meet our customers' specific needs. Contact us to learn more about our tailored solutions for your packaging needs.

zonesun juice machine
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