perfume cap

Customized Packaging Machinery for Perfume Bottles with Different Spray Heads

We received an inquiry from a potential client who wanted to package perfume bottles with two different types of spray heads, one measuring 13mm and the other 15mm. The client required the machines to fill, seal, and press the caps onto the bottles.

Our company promptly responded to the inquiry and suggested that they could customize the machinery to meet the client's requirements. The client then sent the company a sample of the perfume bottle, and the company confirmed that they could provide the necessary customization.

After receiving the sample, Our company began designing and building the customized machinery to meet the client's needs. They kept the client informed throughout the process, providing regular updates and answering any questions that the client had.The customer paid a deposit.

Once the machinery was completed, the company sent a video to the client demonstrating the machine in action. The client was impressed with the final product and promptly paid the remaining balance, completing the transaction.

Thanks to the company's dedication to meeting the client's needs and providing customized solutions, the client was happy with the end result and recommended the company to others in the industry.

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