How to Choose a Filling Machine

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How to Choose a Filling Machine

First, you need to examine your material and determine which category it falls under:
Liquid (with a concentration not greater than edible oil)
Paste (similar to honey)

If your liquid falls under the category of a concentration not greater than edible oil, we recommend using an electric pump. This option is relatively inexpensive and efficient. Of course, there are many types of pumps available, such as peristaltic pumps, magnetic pumps, and diaphragm pumps. Click here to learn more.


For paste materials, we currently recommend using a pneumatic piston pump or a rotor pump, with the latter having a stronger suction force. Below is an illustration of a rotor pump and its applicable scenarios.



For powder materials, we recommend using a screw filling machine. The type of powder head should be chosen according to the size of the material.
For granular materials, we recommend using a vibrating weighing method.
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If you have a low budget, we recommend a small filling machine, which could be a single-head, double-head, or even a four-head machine.

If you want to free up your hands, we recommend an automatic line. A four-head filling machine can be linked to form an automatic line. Additionally, a bottle labeling machine and a bottle capping machine can be added to the front and back ends, respectively.

If your budget is ample, we recommend an automatic line that includes a bottle unscrambler, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, sealing machine, and film sealing machine. This line can be linked to a palletizer and a sealing machine, making it an ideal choice for your needs.