ZONESUN ZS-FCO600 Flexible Conveyor Expandable Roller Conveyor O Belts


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In order to offering better service,we have operated with multiple shipping companies like Fedex,DHL,DUP,UPS,EMS etc.We sure that you can choose the most suitable one.For our online products.

In order to offering better service,we have operated with multiple shipping companies like Fedex,DHL,DUP,UPS,EMS etc.We sure that you can choose the most suitable one.For our online products.

1.Most of them will be shipped by express shipping like Fedex or DHL,delivery time is 6-8 business days.

2.Some small products will be sent by regular shipping,delivery time is 15-45 business days.(There is an instruction saying this product will be sent by regular shipping.)But if you need faster shipping,please contact us to upgrade shipping method.We are glad to help you.

3.Some customers can not place their order since there is an error saying that we can not delivery the product to their countries.If you are in this situation,please contact us to confirm the price and shipping,we will help you place the order successfully .The shipping fee is hard to set up online,and in this situation,it is possible to spend less money to get this product,so it will be better if you can contact us.

4.If you find the shipping fee is too expensive for you,please contact us,we are glad to help you find the best shipping method.For large machine,it will be better for you to contact us before placing the order,in this way we can confirm the price,delivery time and check if the machine is really suitable for your products.




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We want you to be happy with your purchase and trying our best to offer the better service to our customers,so we offer some solution if you have below problems or meet below situation: 

1. If you received a machine and found the machine was broken :
First,we should note that we will not send any used machine or broken machine to our customers.As we all know,everything will happen during shipping,if your machine is broken,please contact us and help us to complaint this to shipping company.We are here to help you.

2. If you don’t know how to assemble machine or use the machine :
Some of our machine may need you assemble them,or you don’t know how to use the machine,just send us e-mail or message,we will send you video and manual to help you know more about it.



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About Us

We are a professional packaging machinery production, sales and related technical services of modern high-tech enterprises.


The ZONSUN Roller Flexible Conveyor is a state-of-the-art material handling solution designed to transport goods or materials efficiently and safely. This conveyor system uses a series of powered rollers, making it an ideal choice for moving packages in various industrial and commercial settings, including manufacturing, distribution, and transportation.

performance characteristics

  1. Dock Doors: The conveyor is perfect for use at dock doors, where it can facilitate the smooth transition of goods from the warehouse to transportation vehicles.
  2. Moving Packages: It excels at moving packages of all sizes, especially heavy or bulky items such as pallets, crates, or large containers.
  3. Expandable Conveyor: As an expandable conveyor, it can be extended or contracted to fit the space available, making it a versatile solution for different workspace layouts.
  4. Powered Roller: The powered rollers ensure a steady and controlled movement of goods, reducing the risk of damage during transit.
  5. Multiple Docks: Its design allows for use at multiple docks simultaneously, enhancing operational efficiency.
  6. Flexible Conveyor System: The flexible conveyor system can adapt to the contours of your workspace, allowing for efficient use of space.
  7. Flex Conveyor: As a flex conveyor, it offers the ability to bend and flex as needed, accommodating various package paths and directions.
  8. Conveyor Line: It can be integrated into a single conveyor line or used as part of a larger conveyor solution, depending on your needs.
  9. Conveyor Solution: This conveyor is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a comprehensive conveyor solution designed to streamline your operations and improve productivity.
  10. Move Product: Whether you need to move product within a warehouse or prepare goods for shipment, this conveyor has you covered.
  11. Flexible Roller Conveyors: The flexible roller conveyors can handle a wide range of materials, making them a versatile choice for various industries.
  12. Power Flex: The power flex feature ensures that the conveyor can handle heavy loads without compromising on speed or efficiency.
  13. Single Conveyor: Even as a single conveyor, it can significantly enhance your material handling capabilities, proving that sometimes, less is indeed more.

Whatever your packaging needs are, you can rely on the ZONSUN Roller Flexible Conveyor to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. It’s not just a conveyor; it’s a key component of your operation’s success.






Easy operation, safety button controls



Zinced steel rollers, with high-resistant ball bearings



Heavy-duty polyurethane drive O-belts drive.



A 120W motor for each unit, 40m/min, durable and stable.



Turnkey solutions offered, highly customizable, for material handling, vehicle loading and unloading, parcel distribution centers and depots, packaging, etc.

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