Automatic Capping Machine

A Simple Solution of Automatic Capping Machine for Bottles with Inner Plugs

Automatic Capping Machine

The Zonesun ZS-XG16X Automatic Capping Machine is designed specifically for sealing bottles with inner plugs. Whether you’re in the beverage, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical industry, this versatile machine streamlines the capping process, ensuring reliable and precise results. 

Key Features:

cap &inner plug Capper
  1. Dual-Use Design: The ZS-XG16X can handle both bottle caps and inner plugs. It efficiently sorts and applies caps, making it suitable for various bottle types.
  2. Vibrating Separators: Two vibrating separators automatically sort bottle caps and outer caps, ensuring smooth insertion of inner plugs into the bottle mouths.
  3. Compact and Precise: The machine’s compact design saves space on your production line while maintaining high precision during capping.
  4. High Production Capacity: With its efficient operation, the ZS-XG16X can handle a large number of bottles per minute.

How It Works:

cap &inner plug Capper
  1. Cap Sorting: The vibrating separators arrange the caps and inner plugs, ensuring they are ready for capping.
  2. Air Nozzles: Air nozzles guide the inner plugs into the bottle mouths, preventing jams or misalignment.
  3. Capping Mechanism: The machine securely applies caps or inner plugs, creating a tight seal.


cap &inner plug Capper

The ZS-XG16X is ideal for:

  • Liquor bottles with T-corks or inner plugs.
  • Cosmetics containers with specialized caps.
  • Pharmaceutical vials requiring precise sealing.


The Zonesun ZS-XG16X Automatic Capping Machine offers an innovative solution for sealing bottles with inner plugs. Its dual-use design, efficient sorting, and compact form make it a valuable addition to any production line. Whether you’re dealing with liquor, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals, this machine ensures consistent and reliable capping results.

cap &inner plug Capper