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Efficient and Accurate Filling Solution:ZS-VTDP12P Liquid Filling Machine

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Efficient and accurate liquid filling is crucial for industries that deal with low-viscosity liquids such as juices and soybean milk. The ZONESUN ZS-VTDP12P Diaphragm Pump Liquid Filling Machine is designed to meet these specific requirements, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and automated filling solutions. This article will delve into the features and benefits of this advanced liquid filling machine, shedding light on its versatility and suitability for different industries.


Diaphragm Pump Liquid Filler

Key Features:

Automatic Digital Filling System: The micro-computer-controlled pump ensures precise filling by regulating the filling time and motor rotation rate. This feature enables smooth and accurate liquid filling, minimizing wastage and maximizing productivity.
User-Friendly Design: The ZS-VTDP12P features an LCD display and an optimized operation interface, making it easy to operate and monitor the filling process. Additionally, its anti-drip design helps maintain cleanliness and prevents spillage, ensuring a hygienic working environment.
Two Working Modes: The machine offers both pedal and automatic modes, allowing users to choose the most suitable mode based on their specific requirements. This flexibility enhances convenience and adaptability in different production scenarios.
Multiple Filling Heads: With 12 filling heads, the ZS-VTDP12P significantly improves efficiency by filling multiple containers simultaneously. The filling speed of the pumps can reach up to 4L/min (based on water), enabling faster production rates and increased output.

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The ZONESUN ZS-VTDP12P Diaphragm Pump Liquid Filling Machine finds extensive applications in various industries, including:

Cosmetics: From lotions and serums to facial mists and toners, this filling machine provides precise and consistent filling for a wide range of cosmetic products.
Beverages: Juice, soybean milk, and other low-viscosity beverages can be accurately filled, maintaining product quality and reducing waste.

The ZONESUN ZS-VTDP12P Diaphragm Pump Liquid Filling Machine offers a reliable and efficient solution for automating the filling process of low-viscosity liquids. Its advanced features, including the automatic digital filling system, user-friendly design, and multiple filling heads, make it a valuable asset for industries seeking precision and productivity. Whether in the medicine, cosmetics, or beverage industry, this filling machine provides consistent and accurate liquid filling, ensuring customer satisfaction and enhancing production efficiency.

automatic filling machine