Barrels Filling Machines

What's the Advantage with Large Flow Barrels Filling Machine

Barrels Filling Machines

The ZS-YTW250L filling machine offers a seamless filling experience for drums and barrels. It is equipped with a roller conveyor system that facilitates easy transportation of the containers. The built-in weigher in the conveyor accurately measures the liquid content during the filling process. The machine is controlled by a footswitch, allowing operators to conveniently control the filling operation.

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Key Features:

Large Flow Rate: The machine is equipped with a gear pump that ensures a high flow rate, enabling efficient and fast liquid filling.
Deceleration Function: The ZS-YTW250L features a deceleration mechanism at the end of the filling process to prevent splashing, ensuring clean and precise filling.
Filling Head: It has a single filling head, making it suitable for filling one drum or barrel at a time.
Filling Range: The machine offers a filling range of 100-250 liters, accommodating a wide range of liquid volumes.
Conveyor Length: The conveyor has a length of 5 meters, which can be customized to meet specific requirements.
Output Capacity: The machine can fill up to 45 barrels per hour (based on 200L barrels), making it ideal for high-volume production.
Accuracy: The ZS-YTW250L provides a filling accuracy of ≤±0.2%, depending on the characteristics of the filling material.

Large Flow Liquid Weighing Filling Machine

The ZONESUN ZS-YTW250L Single Nozzle Gear Pump Large Flow Liquid Weighing Filling Machine offers a reliable and efficient solution for filling drums and barrels. With its advanced features, including a gear pump for high flow rates and a built-in weigher for precise filling, it ensures accuracy and productivity in liquid filling operations. Whether in industrial settings or manufacturing facilities, this filling machine is designed to streamline production processes and meet the demands of high-volume liquid filling.

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